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Hi and welcome to ADI Driving instructors! It is our desire to help you become a better driver through the best education you could possibly receive. If you are in need of some quality driving instructors, look no further because you have just found the perfect place to learn and grow in order to become the safest and best driver possible. But the real question is, what makes us different?

Why should you choose ADI Driving Instructors over the many other choices that you have available. We understand and can appreciate that you have many options and so we would like to give you a little bit of advice on how we are able to compete in this ever competitive marketplace.

The Best Driving Instructors Around

We don’t just hire any old driving instructor. In fact, many driving schools will hire people who have absolutely no driving instruction experience at all, and they simply train them after they are hired. We do not agree with this hiring plan. This is one of the worst possible ways that you can hire a driving instructor and so we would never consider doing it this way. Instead, we only hire driving instructors who have prior experience with teaching people how to drive.

Our driving instructors come from all sorts of backgrounds from former school bus drivers to former truck drivers to former teachers and high schools and other areas where people can learn how to become professional drivers three years of experience. There is no reason to settle for any less and you can rest assured that we are fully qualified to assist you in all of your driving instruction needs.

Quality Driving Instructors – Fair Pricing

Not only do we have the best driving instructors you’ll ever find, but we are able to keep our prices very competitive. How do we do this? Simple! We cut back on many costs such as office locations and vehicles. We do not have any of her own vehicles and we teach all drivers how to drive using their own vehicle. We also do not have any physical office location. When you need to take a driving lesson you’ll need your driving instructor personally at his or her home. Our driving instructors are also available to come and meet you because obviously at this point you are not able to drive yet.

We are able to create these custom solutions for our students which enables us to have a more intimate learning experience without increasing the price to a level which is beyond what most people could afford for similar instruction. This is just one of the other factors that sets us apart. If you find better pricing, show us the pricing that you have and what driving school you received the quote from and we will give you an apples to apples comparison of the level of driving instruction that you or your child will receive.

Teen Driver Education

One of our most popular services is our teen driver education course. With this course we are able to teach teens how to drive by utilizing safe driving techniques and defensive driving methods which most driving schools will not teach. It is important to remember that teenagers will form their driving habits for life in their early years. Teaching them how to drive properly from the very beginning is crucial to their safety and driving performance.

Many parents do not realize how important it is to set the proper ground rules and habits way ahead of time. Driving is a very dangerous activity and is one of the most dangerous things that we do every single day. We sometimes forget how dangerous driving really is because we do it so often. Skipping out on your child’s education to become a safe driver cannot only be a poor decision but can also be a deadly decision. We want to make sure teens stay alive by learning how to drive properly.

Adult Driver Education

Other popular courses is our adult driver education course this course is used by adults who never went around to getting better drivers license. This is a bit more common than you might think and is something that many adults deal with. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed at the fact that you have never taken a driver’s ed course. We here at ADI Driving Instructors, we know exactly how to teach adult drivers because most of us have experience teaching adult drivers anyway.

Many of us have taught people who are professional drivers in the trucking and busing industries. Oftentimes, teaching and adult how to drive can be a little bit easier than teaching a teenager how to drive. There are some unique challenges when trying to teach an adult how to drive and so we are prepared for that and we hope that you will give us a shot because we are fair, lower-priced than most of our competitors, and provide a higher quality of driving instruction than most other companies could ever dream of providing.

Online Traffic School

Have you recently received a traffic ticket? If so, you have the option of taking a traffic school course to reduce the number of points on your driving record and also protect your record from places like insurance companies and courts. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, we are able to offer these online traffic schools with the convenience of working from home on your own time and with your own schedule.

While we do not offer any online traffic schools ourselves, we are very familiar with the different schools that exist in her happy to make some recommendations for you. Taking these traffic school refresher courses can be very beneficial not only for your driving record but also to reduce insurance costs and remain a safe and defensive driver.

We hope that you will continue to explore our site and learn more about ADI Driving Instructors. As you learn more about who we are and the level of service we provide we are certain that you will find nobody even compares to the level and quality of driving instruction that we can offer.